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Ann Herrick Books for Kids & Teens

My Books

Walk Softly and Watch Out For Bigfoot

The Ugly Girl Party

Holiday Hopes

Boss of the Whole Sixth Grade


Someone Like Him

Heart’s Desire

Also Known as Lard Butt

The Next Great Rock Star!

New Boxed Sets!

First Loves

Perfect Love

Seasons of Love

My Fake Summer Boyfriend

The Farewell Season

My Bad-Boy Summer

Life, Love, and Surviving High School

Trading Faces

The Perfect Guy

The Real Me

Hey, Nobody’s Perfect

How to Survive a Summer Romance (or Two)

Snowed in Together

All’s Fair in Love and Words

The Best Christmas Tree Ever

Two Special Stories for Christmas

The QueenBee

The Chocolate Day


Summer Replacement

Beneath The Surface

Camper of the Year

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