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Ann Herrick Books for Kids & Teens

The Queen Bee – Chaucer Publishing

The Queen Bee is an updated retelling of the fairy tale about seeking fortune, breaking a spell and discovering the identity of the real prince with the help of ants, ducks, and a regal Queen Bee, with role reversals and undercurrent themes of both the value of education and being kind to animals.

A paperback rebus picture book. Autographed copies available for $6.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling, from:

3411 Chaucer Way
Eugene, Oregon 97405


“The Queen Bee is a classic tale of old brought to life with…a twist of humanity thrown in…. This book has everything a child could want and more…. A great read and a lesson…”
— Rita Hestand, Author

“This is such a cute story…. Herrick is also a powerful storyteller. I ended up reading this little book numerous times. It was just so much fun to read…. I also enjoyed the magic throughout the story, and so will children. Great book, a must for [your] collection!”
— Danielle Naibert, Children’s Book Site

“…a delightful story with an excellent message…a nice twist to a fairy tale. The story teaches some basic and profound lessons. It blends classic fairy tale magic with modern ideas…while still allowing the girl most deserving of praise to marry her fairy tale prince. The book also has a nice reversal of roles, with the heroine saving the enchanted prince…Gwen receives her just reward not because she is the most beautiful girl in the land but because she is genuinely good, intelligent and respectful of her fellow creatures.”
— Anita Jo Stafford, Simply E-Books

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