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Ann Herrick Books for Kids & Teens

How to Survive a Summer Romance (or Two)

Can Kaysie have a summer romance with Troy and still remain true to Brian? After all, Brian did tell her to have a fling or two while she was on vacation! But what happens when feelings and hormones collide? Can Kaysie trust her heart to stay on track? And how is she going to keep an eye on her mother and Troy’s father–who just happens to be Mom’s former summer romance? How did fun in the summer sun get so complicated, anyway?

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“…a genuinely fun read. Kaysie is adorable – she’s so genuine, and the complexity of her problems are going to strike a chord with every teenager who reads this excellent book… I got completely caught up in Kaysie’s dilemma. Great story and definitely highly recommended for a summer read.”

~~Judith Pittman

I…Ann Herrick’s book, How To Survive A Summer Romance (or Two), she brings to life the complexities and confusion of young love and lust. Main character Kaysie must ride an emotional roller-coaster when she tries to reconcile her loyalty to the boy back home and her perplexing physical/ emotional reactions to the gorgeous guy she meets at the lake where her parents are vacationing. But are her feelings for him real, or is this simply a fleeting summer romance that will only end in heart-break? Kaysie is faced with real life decisions that teens will readily connect with. I’d highly recommend this book for teens and adults alike.”

~~Sydell Voeller, Author; Writing Instructor, The Long Ridge Writers Group

“… Reading this book took me right back to my own teenage years and to the dilemmas I sometimes faced… Kaysie was a thoroughly likeable heroine who stuck with the standards she had been raised to, even though she sometimes found it difficult. I enjoyed her sister too. She was a great character, as was the teacher she quoted so often. Wouldn’t we all love our kids to have a teacher like that? I was impressed too by the fact that the author empathized with boys and girls alike even though she was writing from Kaysie’s perspective.

If I have any sort of complaint it is that I would love to meet Kaysie’s father and give him a good talking to. He needs to get out more and enjoy the sunshine and his wife. Having said that, it was Ann Herrick’s story telling that made me mad with him, the true test of a good writer…

~~Sheila Claydon, Author

“I found this book realistic and enjoyable. It added an interesting parallel that she was worried about her mother but that was tastefully resolved. I liked the family interaction and the characterization and story will intrigue teens who can’t wait to find out how this turns out.”

~~Betty Jo Schuler, Author, Writing Instructor, Writer’s Digest University

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