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Ann Herrick Books for Kids & Teens

Summer Replacement – Hard Shell Word Factory

As a favor, Cathy eagerly agrees to pretend she is Dan’s girlfriend for the summer when their families vacation at the same beach. With a background of sun, surf and sand, they develop a friendship that is on the verge of turning romantic, when who should arrive but Lisa Kendall, Dan’s old girlfriend! In three days, Lisa ruins Cathy’s relationship with Dan. In retaliation, Cathy feigns interest in Steve, Lisa’s handsome older brother. But soon enough Cathy learns that a fake romance can get out of hand and pretending about her feelings leads to complications she never imagined.”


“Told in first person through the eyes (and heart) of the protagonist, Summer Replacement is an interesting story, full of life, mainly suited for teenagers.
The tale is well structured. The actions and reactions of Cathy and Dan are absolutely realistic. Neither the other characters are inferior: Lisa and her schemes to surround Dan and exclude Cathy; Steve and his “macho” attitude; the unforgettable Cathy’s little brother, the enthusiastic Jason; and Cecelia, the ordered and methodical Dan’s young sister…
If you want to savour a fizzy, well-written romantic tale, Summer Replacement is warmly recommended. ”

~~Gianfranco Cazzaro, CARIBOOKS Reviews with care

“Summer Replacement captured the essence of the freedom and sweetness of teenage summer romances in an engaging and believable story.”


“I love your book….When I read it I never wanted to put it down. It’s a great book…it is so real…it was great.”

~~Love, H.R. (fan)

“Ms. Herrick captured angst, laughter, and the trials of teenage life…A sweet and funny book…”

Overall rating: 4 Hearts
~~Sara Sawyer, The Romance Studio

“Author Ann Herrick certainly knows her audience! The story line, characters, dialogue and even the setting will all appeal to the young adult reader. Written in the first person, readers will experience Cathy’s thoughts and feelings, as well as her hopes and fears…
Set in a beach town, amid sun and sand, readers will connect with the summer romance plot… There are also some truly humorous moments… Cathy’s eagerness and awkwardness leap off the pages to touch readers’ hearts, or bring a grin or two.
Summer Replacement is a great book in any season!”

~~Joyce, Love Romances

“Summer Replacement is a great teen love story…lots of angst, lots of funny moments, some steamy kisses, and a great heroine. Ann Herrick does a wonderful job of portraying Cathy’s teenage crush, making it seem very realistic.
…Summer Replacement is a sunny romance fit for the beach and will make you want to remember your own first crush.”

~~Sarah, Fallen Angel Reviews

“The entertaining social angst of narrator Cathy provides lots of laughs, amid some real food for thought about the pitfalls of pretending about feelings, as Cathy sorts out her relationships with Dan and Steve. Her woes are humorously depicted, and particularly funny is the embarrassment suffered by Cathy at one of “the world’s last” drive-in movies.

The humor is balanced with Ann Herrick’s insight into the universal and realistic intensity of the characters’ emotions.”

~~Pat Engelking, District Librarian, Lowell School District, Lowell, Oregon

“…Summer Replacement is a fun story about a teenage summer romance. I had my daughter read this story and tell me what she thought about it. She said that she really liked it and didn’t want it to end. I agree with her. Ann Herrick has written a wonderful story that draws you into it, and you want to go on and spend more time with the characters. Summer Replacement is a story you should put on your summer reading list. So get a copy of it and enjoy.”

~~Lydia Funneman, Writers Unlimited

“…The appealing and sympathetic characters struggle valiantly through misunderstandings and confusion, and I identified all too well with Cathy’s anxiety as she tried to ascertain Dan’s true feelings for her. She started their ‘relationship’ as a ploy to rescue Dan from marauding 10-year-olds, masking her true feelings, but was it just a game to him or did he feel something for her?

SUMMER REPLACEMENT captured the essence of the freedom and sweetness of teenage summer romances in an engaging and believable story.”

~~Melinda Stanners, Romantic Interludes

“…With Summer Replacement Ann Herrick has produced a delightful tale sure to please girls in the target group of eleven to young adult. The light romantic overtone, personable reality presented by Cathy as she muddles along trying to figure out what her role in high school is to be, and the tangle of beginning boy friend relationships are a large part of the interest of the target audience.

Characters are well fleshed even though the book is not long. Settings are described in enough detail to draw the reader into them. We hear the crash of the sea during storm, feel the grit of the sand and stroll aisles in Little’s Store while reading the words presented by talented author Herrick.

Summer Replacement is a quick fun read certain to be read and reread by girls in the target audience. The paper copy will be nice for a lazy afternoon spent in the porch swing reading and sipping lemonade. The easy to pack, ‘doesn’t take up much room’ eBook version is perfect for taking along on vacation, perhaps for a trip to the sea?

From the opening lines as Cathy tries to convince her mother that staying home would be a good idea Cathy is a very likeable, typical teen. She laughs at herself, exhibits the same uncertainties and self-deprecations as are found in most teens and is completely believable. Writer Herrick subtly guides the young reader into realizing that fretting over hair, and boyfriends, and fitting in are natural, to be expected and are all a part of growing up. Cathy, as are most fifteen-year-olds, is a delight.

Summer Replacement will be a nice addition to the home and school library.

Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.”

~~Molly Martin, 20+ years classroom teacher

“…SUMMER REPLACEMENT is a sweet, fast-paced romance, perfect for a lazy summer day. Cathy is a believable bundle of contradictions-alternately brazen and shy, thoughtless and caring, smart and naive — and as real a fifteen year old as any you’ll find on the written page. Dan is an equally well-developed character. His struggles to understand Cathy and her mixed signals make him even more appealing than his “tall, broad-shouldered build and curly brown hair.” I particularly liked how Ms. Herrick handled the very common problem of the girl being satisfied with kisses when the boy wants considerably more — with sympathy and understanding for both parties and a good dose of humor.

I also enjoyed how Ms. Herrick showed Cathy’s growth through her interaction with her brother and Dan’s younger sister. At first willing to babysit them only to have an excuse to see more of Dan, she soon embraces the responsibility and thrives on it. Ms. Herrick gives the reader many reasons to like Cathy, and some of the best come out during her interactions with the younger children.

…SUMMER REPLACEMENT is perfect — a young adult romance with just the right balance of humor and heart. I highly recommend it.”

~~Carrie S.Masek, Scribesworld

“…I enjoyed reading this story; it took me back to a time when I was a teenage girl and how confusing that period was. It is funny how the things we see so clearly when we’re older are so muddled then. The author provides a nice breezy summer read.”

“…I thought that SUMMER REPLACEMENT was a really great and funny read. Cathy’s plans at capturing Dan were well thought out and left me laughing for days. Ann Herrick lets us look at life from a young girl’s views and we get to share her pain and joy’s as she experiences her first real crush. I recommend this book to young teens like myself everywhere who enjoy stories that make you feel good on the inside and out.”

~~Reviewed by Young Adult Reviewer, Yasmine, 13, Romance Junkies

5 book rating

“…[an] exciting story that will bring smiles to teenage girls who will easily relate to Cathy… Herrick perfectly captures the ever changing emotions of a teenage girl…

Herrick tells Cathy’s story with remarkable insight into the female adolescent mind, and many young girls may feel like they are reading pages from their own diaries.”


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