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Ann Herrick Books for Kids & Teens

Life, Love, and Surviving High School

The offer changed everything.

Becca’s in high school, but she hasn’t been on the same page as her best friends since just before the start of middle school and she doesn’t know exactly how things got so different. Not different in some edgy, gritty, she’s-a-rebel way. More of a Yes-she’s-a-dork way. Which makes it all the more amazing that while other friendships have crashed and burned all around them the four of girls have managed to stay Best Friends Forever. She doesn’t need to share in her friends’ spotlight. Becca’s happy to follow along in the shadows, as long as she’s not totally cast aside.

She’s definitely not ready for guys. In fact, she just wants to skip right over high school and jump straight to twenty-two. By then she figures she will have gotten through her first date, first kiss, passed her driver’s test, taken the SATs, filled out all those college applications, somehow survived living in a dorm and gotten her college degree without all the anxiety and drama.

Instead, just after silently deciding to not even think about guys and concentrate on school work for the next four years, she is instantly mesmerized by Brent, a seriously great-looking senior who also happens to have a long-time girlfriend, Claire. Not one to be the “other woman,” Becca imagines creative ways for Claire to be out of Brent’s life.

Meanwhile, Becca forms a strictly friends-only relationship with Colt. Becca and Colt turn out be good partners when it comes to studying, taking pictures for the school newspaper and working on a term paper together. But when one day Claire makes an offer about Brent that Becca can’t resist, that changes everything.

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“… There were quite a few laugh out loud moments in the beginning that made this book a quick and light read even though it addressed some tough issues of fitting in with friends, boys, high shool, etc. I especially liked the character Becca who at one point decides to take on school work and forget about boys and drama. But then Brent and Colt come into her life. I give this book a 4 star review …I liked the twists and turns it took with Brent and Colt.”

~~Amy, Goodreads

“loved it…Becca is a wonderful character that easily can connect to the reader. She’s funny, quirky, and witty…

My favorite thing about Life, Love, and Surviving High School had to be the characters. I loved the characterization, it was absolutely fantastic. They all had unique personalities that they stayed true to, which lead to believable and entertaining figures. Even the more minor characters – like Becca’s parents – had great moments that allowed them to be some of my favorite characters. Then, of course, there’s Colt…

… entertaining and fun. Laughing and smiling half the time, I couldn’t put it down until I reached the final page…”

~~Justine, YA Lit Chick

“… full of heart, humor and tells a very “close to home” tale about being a freshman in high school through the eyes of a self-admitted dork. Becca is always feeling she lives in the shadows of her boy-crazy, sparkly BFFs! … Will her first year of high school be an awakening of sorts? Will she survive?

… nailed the emotional and mental turmoil of growing up with heart and humor! Becca is a delightful heroine, a perfect blend of nerd, shy, insecure, yet her head is not always in the clouds. Being inside that head will have you laughing one minute, approving the next and wanting to scream, “Hey, I’ve been where you are, open your eyes!” knowing completely that she will not listen and she needs to find her own way. Ms. Herrick brings a slice of high school back to life in all of its glory, with all of its drama, in this light-hearted, fast-paced tale that spans Becca’s first year of the high school like watching a flower unfold on a time lapse screen. This is a coming of age story for Becca and her BFFs filled with well-developed characters you will recognize from your own past! Highly, highly recommended for ALL ages!”

~~Diane, Tome Tender Reviews

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