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Ann Herrick Books for Kids & Teens

All’s Fair in Love and Words

Laurel can’t handle her new authority as editor of the yearbook, especially when it comes to Matt, the new guy at school who has her head spinning!

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4 Stars
“…a cute, fun easy read.”

~~Lefre, Amazon

“Funny, relaxing book – a nice escape from doom and gloom!”

~~Haylna, Goodreads

4.5 Stars
“… a well written story and I can relate to many of the situations from the high school experience. …It keeps you guessing about what the outcome will bring. It also explores some of the uncertainties and challenges of this age group. Great example of a focused and goal-oriented group of kids. Great to see a clean and intriguing story.”

~~Jenie P., Manic Reader Reviews

Really cute story for the 12-16 year old…. younger YAs will love it and even older readers will find it amusing…
Would I recommend it to friends? Yes

~~The Book Runner

…Sweet, funny. Good chick-lit. A shorter, easier read for those who would like Sarah Dessen.

~~Anne Dame, Goodreads

“… All’s Fair in Love and Words is a swift, enjoyable read sure to be read and reread … an excellent addition for home and school library. Enjoyed the read, happy to recommend.”

~~Molly Martin, Teacher, Molly’s Reviews

…a fun romp through Laurel and Matt’s senior year. Getting what you ask for can really complicate your life, especially when it makes you the boss of a potential boyfriend. Ms. Herrick does a nice job of leading her characters through the confusing time that is high school. Laurel learns that balancing work and romance is difficult work and that compromise is the name of the game….Teens will enjoy this story and might learn to always keep an open mind.

~~Brenda Edde, Timeless Tales

…Ms. Herrick’s characters come alive, bringing innocence and honesty to a story that captivates the reader…

~~Angie Dobson, The Word On Romance

…I loved this charming look back at high school… Ann Herrick caught that part of a teens’ life vividly. Laurel comes across realistically through her dialogue and circumstances… I found the story to be a quick, easy read, but it took me back to high school…
…everything comes together nicely, and there are even a few lessons to be learned by the conclusion of the story…. a great read for both mother and daughter alike.

~~Tracy Farnsworth, Roundtable Reviews

… Ms. Herrick winds her light and humorous touch around the age-old teenage insecurities surrounding romance, other people’s opinions, and self-image. Self-discovery can be both painful and rewarding, with a touch of rueful humor. [The story] holds true to this maxim, while adding the warmth of family and friends. High school girls will find this a well-paced and engaging book.

~~Jeanette Cottrell, eBook Reviews Weekly

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