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Hey, Nobody’s Perfect – Books We Love

Insulting a guy in a wheelchair–is that any way to start a romance?

Life was complicated enough for Sivia before Keeley came into her life.

Her parent’s divorce did not wipe out their traditional family values. Dad is still way too self-centered, Mom is still resentful, Russ is still shoving food in his mouth and Sivia doesn’t need any more drama. But when the new student, obnoxious and legless Keeley, becomes her project partner, her life becomes even more complicated.

Family friction, peer pressure and her overly controlling father are threats her budding relationship—but

prejudices she never knew she had and doesn’t want to acknowledge are the biggest hurdle of all.

Hey, Nobody’s Perfect is a story about serious issues told with both sensitivity and humor.

A YA novel

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“… I thought the story was absolutely perfect. I hope other readers will get so indulged in this book, like me, that they can’t put it down.

🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 😉 🙂 ;)”

~~Autumn Hegner on Amazon


Sivia is a high strung high schooler who is struggling with her parent’s divorce, a controlling father who is trying to make up for his exit by non-stop coaching for Sivia’s softball talent and a new relationship with a legless boy named Keeley. Keeley happens to be smart, funny, and has a fearless attitude that makes him a popular student at their high school. His attitude melts Sivia’s ice in a series of compelling incidents that clearly show her the prejudices she has toward the disabled student. This book was moving and clearly took me back to my own high school days–what I would call “good writing.” The story is unique and presents a lesson we all could do well to consider when we try to figure out what it takes to be successful and happy. This is full of laughs, and a cool story with an outstanding finale. As Roger Ebert would say, “Thumbs Up.”

~~Ken Woody, Author, Under Further Review

“I LOVED this book! As a woman with a disability I loved how she wrote Keeley, the main character, with a disability. I hope there will be another book because this was way too short! Great teenage love story!”
~Disabledwoman27, on Amazon

“…I really enjoyed this book…characters were both believable and likeable….It touched on a lot of sensitive subjects, foremost being perceptions and judgment….I loved the character growth …overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book.”


4.5 Stars

” …I enjoyed the friendship leading to romance between them…. They had good chemistry…

~~Night Owl Reviews

“… I truly enjoyed reading this story. It was deep, meaningful, and overall a beautiful story ….” ~Bianca, Brittany and Bianca Blab Books

“…I found my self chuckling/laughing…I liked the story the way it ended…”

~~Jenn, Goodreads

HEY, NOBODY’S PERFECT is an outstanding teenage romance. I was highly impressed with the characters of Sivia and Keeley. The supporting characters of Brad, Marcy and Todd added so much in-depth character to the overall development of this story. I feel this is a book that every teenager should read. There are so many life lessons in this one book that it is a very eye opening experience. Ann Herrick is a wonderful author who has allowed her readers to go into the lives of a set of high school teenagers. It is refreshing to see how they experience their own way of finding the love they deserve.

~~Suzie Housley, Midwest Book Reviewer, Mystic Reviews

4.5 Stars! I have to start by saying that I did not want this book to end. This book has so many life lessons that are of value to both teens and adults. A few important topics that are covered in this novel are peer pressure, parental pressure when it comes to sports performance and being concerned about what others think of us….This story is one that I recommend and rate it 4.5 stars

~~Amy, Mrs. Mommy Booknerd’s Book Reviews

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