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Trading Faces – Books We Love

Two romances in one book!

What if you went to sleep plain and woke up beautiful–or vice versa?

An “Ugly Betty” and a Popular Beauty wind up trading faces—and lives—and the situation is not what either one expected.

When 15-year-old Darcy Doane wakes up as Cybil Sheffield, she is thrilled. Cybil is everything Darcy has ever wanted to be. Pretty. Popular. Only… all the attention isn’t exactly what Darcy expected. Especially when her own brother, Joey, is crushing on her. Gross. But then there’s Devon, the real Cybil’s boyfriend ….

Cybil is shocked when she looks in the mirror and sees a face she totally doesn’t recognize. She thought not always being the center of attention might be a good thing, but being invisible is hardly bearable. Even her boyfriend, Devon, looks right through her! How can she survive when the only people (except a family of strangers) who even know she’s alive are three dipsticks she can’t remember ever seeing before? And why hasn’t she ever noticed her new “brother,” Joey, before?

With the school play, potential boyfriends and an A-List party coming up, Darcy and Cybil have a lot to work out. There’s a learning curve for both of them, especially after they are caught fighting at school and forced by the principal to help her at a Return-to-Work project for displaced women.

Trouble is, how do they get their own lives back? And who ends up with what guy?

A YA novel

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“…Trading Faces takes the normal body swap story. . .adds a totally new aspect by using teen girls and all their issues. . . then builds in relatable situations and characters to make a wonder teen adventure. Immensely enjoyable read!..

~~Beth, Tome Tender

5 Stars – “Who hasn’t wished for the impossible? To be in someone else’s shoes? To have what someone else possess? Life is always greener on the other side, right? But how many people get their wish? When Darcy and Cybil wonder what it would be like to live a life totally different from the one they live now, their wishes come true…a fun read that explores an old idea of wanting to be someone else. This universal theme of switching places takes a fresh turn when romance is introduced and Darcy and Cybil realize that what they wanted was right in front of them the whole time. Good read!”
~~Lisa McCombs, Readers Favorite

5 Stars

This was a great book. It switched perspectives a lot; that was one thing I really liked. This showed how each individual character felt. I also liked that two girls who were nothing alike were able to work together to fix a problem they had. Along the way they learned how to help others.This was such a good book because of the way it related to me with everyone trying to fit in and have fun. I believe many people would relate to this and would enjoy this book very much.
~~Afrommeyer19, LitPick

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