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Ann Herrick Books for Kids & Teens

The Chocolate Day – Chaucer Publishing

At first Raymond is thrilled that he will get to eat nothing but chocolate for one whole day…

The Chocolate Day
A paperback rebus picture book based on my brother’s true-life experience–plus Puzzles, Recipes, Jokes, and Information!

Autographed copies available for $7.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling, from:

3411 Chaucer Way
Eugene, Oregon 97405

The Chocolate Day is listed as Recommended Reading in:

Learning Games, Exploring the Senses through Play by award-winning author and early childhood advocate Jackie Silberg, and Kathy Ferrell, for teaching language skills


The “Food Pyramid KidPix 3–2nd Grade-Lesson,” for teaching and reviewing the importance of the Food Groups.


“The Chocolate Day is a delightful story with a theme all kids can relate to.”

~~Pat Engelking, District Librarian & English Teacher, Lowell School District, Lowell, Oregon

“Raymond is a boy right to my heart: he loves chocolate. ‘I’d like to eat chocolate bars all day long,’ he says and his parents decide to make his wish come true. Raymond quickly realizes how disgusting it is to eat nothing but chocolate bars… What a treat! This is a ‘delicious’ story…”

~~Christine Spindler, E-Books for Kids

4 Stars
“A unique and charming little story of the old moral, ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ …Children will adore this little tale and it is really good for a laugh…and the mothers will certainly identify.”

~~Rita Hestand, Author

“…an irresistible story any child would enjoy…Who wouldn’t want to live a full day on chocolate bars?…Parents and children alike will enjoy Ann’s sweet little tale of confection.”

~~Kim Gaona, Kim’s Reviews

“What would it be like if you could eat your favorite food for a whole day? [Raymond] finds out in this charming ebook demonstrating the joys of a balanced diet while introducing youngsters to the concept of food groups. The story is supplemented with links, jokes and puzzles, and for the chocoholics in the crowd, mouth-watering recipes. (Is there anyone who can resist “Chocolate Puppy Chow for People?”

~~Brooke Smith, Children’s Book Site

“Hmmm, chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner…who couldn’t resist? Herrick has developed a book that all children will be able to relate to. The “what if” I can eat my favorite food all day long in substitute to “icky good for you stuff”. Your darl’g boy gets to do this with his favorite food, chocolate, but soon learns that that isn’t really a fun thing to do. A cute story with a “lesson” that isn’t screamed out at the children.

[The book] also provides fun pages, links to new words and fun jokes…gives fun chocolate recipes that are a delight and easy to use. One of the things I truly enjoyed about this book, besides the delightful story, is the What You Should Know section about the food groups.

I think besides the wonderful tales that Herrick always provides for children, I highly appreciate the understanding that children “need to know more” she provides for them. Her books are fun, educational and a true delight to own. I recommend this author’s books to parents, home schoolers and grandparents.”

~~Danielle Naibert, Children’s Book Site

“Highly Recommended — 5 Stars
…Ann Herrick has produced a delightful little book for children that is sure to tickle their fancy. I received a PDF for review and found it to be very easy to navigate. The story itself is only part of the work. Recipes, puzzles, detailed information regarding food groups all grace the pages as well. My fav recipe was the one for Chocolate Puppy Chow for people.

Writer Herrick well understands the young mentality and has put that knowledge to good use in her work The Chocolate Day. Vocabulary is a little advanced for younger readers, however the work lends itself well to a ‘read to’ situation. Illustrations included are sure to please youngsters.

I like the balance of fun story, kid centered jokes, and good solid teaching of food groups.

This is a book I would use in my own Kindergarten or First Grade Classroom.”

~~Molly Martin, Teacher

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